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Sales and Switching of Helicopters
Sales and switching of helicopters is no new ground for us. With imports and exports of helicopters to and from Mexico, Ecuador, USA, Norway, and Austria
Spare Parts and Accessories
We have a large overhead with expendable material and spare helicopter parts
Our actual SparePart Inventory for PDF-Download
- Lycoming - AMP
- Eurocopter - Mechanical Specialities INC
- Schweizer / Sikorsky - Joyce
- Snap On - Mecaplex
- Turbomeca - Stahlwille
- Rolls Royce / Allison - Castle Cotter

- Electrosystems

- Bell

- Champion

and more

We sell exclusively the Inventory (by Lot) from the bankruptcy Eagle Helicopter Operator Company in Switzerland:

-Operational Equipment for Helicopter, from the 1‘000 – 4‘500 kg sling load range.

-Spare Parts, Equipment and Tools for Super Puma, K-Max, Ecureuil und A-109

-Also Turbomeca / Safran Spare Parts

-Personal Equipment, Loadmaster Radios, Helmets, Motor Saw and a lot more.

All Parts have been cleaned trough us, inspected, preserved, documented with photos, and packed with the necessary documents.

Per Lot, you will find some pictures, the documents are available in pdf’s.

Under this link you will find always the newly up dated pdf inventory:

    Inventory File

Under this link you will find the photos:

    Inventory photos

Please ask us for the password !

All the material will be delivered ex. our facility abeam Airport St. Gallen – Altenrhein, Staad (SG), Switzerland


Go ahead and let us know by Mail your Lot No, after that you will get an offer in a reasonable time.

Feel free to contact as for any additional Information.

Hangar Renting
Please inquire us!
Advisor and Expert Activities
For banks, insurance companies, offices for operations, private customers, and for different helicopter interests we can organize your ideal auction.
We will be glad to help you, inquire us!

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