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- Private Pilot PPL(H)


- Commercial Pilot CPL(H)


- Re-Training


- Mountain Traning MOU


- Night Flight Traning NIT


- Aerial Work ECS


- Charter


- Flight Simulator


Commercial Helicopter Pilot CPL (H):

- Minimum: 20 years
- Physician certificate from a BAZL physician for the physical fitness
- Possession of the private helicopter license

The Practical Training Includes:

150 helicopter hours and/or when the BAZL approved training course meets necessary flying time of 100 hours( including the 40 hours for private pilot training)
The Practical traning usually takes:
- 35 Flying hours Schweizer Hughes 300 C

- 20 Flying hours Jet Ranger III
- 5   Flying hours Flight Simulator ELITE
The flying time mentioned above must be contained in each case
- 35 Flying hours as a responsible pilot
- 10 hours cross-cpuntry flying as a responsible pilot
- 10 hours traning in instrument flying
The theoretical traning covers:
- 10 LR Aviation Law
- 20 FK General. Helicopter Skills
- 30 FL Aircraft Performance and Flight Planning
- 40 ML Human performance Assets
- 50 ME Weather
- 60 NA Navigation
- 60 FNA Radionaviagation
- 70 BV Operating Procedures
- 80 GF Basics of Flight
- 85 JR JetRanger basic Course Instruction
- 90 RT Radio Telephony
(We are happy to refer you to our various courses theory)
Written after successfully passing  the examination, preliminary internal audit Practical flight with a BAZL- expert
Training costs approximatley Please contact us.
(We are happy to provide you with more detailed cost information. For the purchase of  hours packages we offer you discounts)
The licensed Commercial helicopter pilot is entitled:
- The rights that private helicopter pilot exercise.
- In commercial air traffic function of a responsible or second pilot exercises. Within Switzerland with the appropriate approval of the FOCA Foreign landings at 1100 m asl implemnt.
- To implement professional landings in the mountains you must have completed the extended training for mountain landings.
- After appropriate introduction after BAZL program work flights are permitted.
We give the oppurtunity to our commercial pilots to accomplish professional flights according to suitability.

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