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Private Helicopter Pilot PPL (H):

- Minimum age: 17 years
- Physician certificate for fitness by a BAZL  Physician
The practical training covers:
35 flying hours with the Hughs 300 C plus 5 hours of training on the flight simulator elite. All together there will be 40 flying hours with 10 hours being solo flights.

5 of the 10 hours will be accomplished by solo cross-country flights with flights being 180 km with a stop at two different airports.

A carrier of a document that has 10 hours of flight time in fixed-wing aircraft or gilders will be taken into account. But the prescribed solo hours for a helicopter must be completed.
The theoretical training covers:
- 10 LR Aviation Law
- 20 FK General. Helicopter Skills
- 30 FL Aircraft Performance and Flight Skill
- 40 ML Human Performance Assets
- 50 ME Weather
- 60 NA Navigation
- 60 FNA Radionavigation
- 70 BV Operating Procedures
- 80 GF Basics of Flight
- 85 HU Schweizer Hughes 300 Basic-Instruction
- 90 RT Radio Telephony
(We are happy to refer you to our various theory programs).
After successfully completing the written examination, a preliminary practical test with a BAZL expert is required.
Education Cost approx. CHF 34'230.--
(We will be happy to give you more detailed information for cost and with purchase of hours packages we offer you special disscounts)
A licensed private helicopter pilot is entitled:
- To accomplish non-commercial flights and carry passengers.
- To make off-field landings in Switzerland with appropriate permission from BAZL under 1,100 m.u.M.

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