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Zeitungsbericht/St.Galler Tagblatt vom 24.04.07 (Bilder: Katja Niederöst fotowoche.ch/Kapo AR)


Our log presents a selection of pictures and press texts of flown employments.  If you held an employment in any possible way with us  then we are naturally pleased with your envolvement.


April 2007

Newspaper/St.Galler 24.04.07 (Picture: Katja Niederöst fotowoche.ch/Kapo AR)

20 minutes of newspaper report / 24.04.2007 (Picture: Kapo AR)

September 2007

Our Hughs 300 C is used as a photo model after an extensive overhaul and painting. The pictures are provided for advertisment to a bank. Photographed by the professional photographer Thomas plain from Zurich. (www.graphplain.ch)

March 2006

Newspaper / St. Galler  07.03.2006

February 2006

In the middle of February our jetranger during a taxi flight went to the French sking area of Courchevel to see...(Pictures: Roland Triet)

January 2006

The 25th through the 29th of January 2006 we were the WEF in the air. WEF admits that during one week an air-haven prevailed. In use for these flights was our LAMA 315B

January 2006

At lauberhorn the ski elite meets, and not far away the helicopters are awaiting! We were there with our LAMA and jetranger to ensure the needs of the craving international ski circus passports.

January 2006

Poster /Featured in Aero Revue 2/2006

The photograph shows the LAMA stopping for a coffee break in the central part of Switzerland in the area around Burgenstock. The Photo was taken from our own Tino Dietsche.

January 2006

Newspaper / St. Galler  01.02.2006

With Own Helicopter Flown

THAL. Ten rotations with each load of 850 kilos were made yesterday by Roland Triet (Vice-Swiss master in precision flight). Ecoclogical revaluation  to a retaining wall was in need as well as repairs to the existing one on a plot belonging to Walter Berhard of Tufelskanzle. (gtd)

(Photo: Tino Dietsche)


November 2005

Newspaper/ St. Galler

Altenrhein. Like  James Bond dividing a house in half with a saw, Roland Triet uses a saw implemented beneath his helicopter to cut away overhanging tree braches from power lines.

For forest workers it is a dangerous job: the removal of trees that are extremly close to high voltage power lines. For the first time in Germany a saw suspended from a helicopter enhances productivity, offering a new service from Heli-Service- Triet.

A Glarner Forester had requested Triets Services along with others to open-up power line right-of-ways in hard to travel areas that were over grown. Roland Triet and Urs Aecherli flew 2 employments, 45 and 27 minutes long. With a result of 200 meters of powerlines cleared. A dangerous employment? Triet relates: " The power was turned off for the flights, but we would still not fly more than 7 meters to the line for safety reasons.

Sawing system and engine. Triet purchased the services of a German company for the saw. "There are 50 meters of poles attched to the helicopter from underneat depending on the terrian of the area in which we are working", explains Triet. Ten saw blades work vertically; they can cut branches up to 25 centimeters in thickness. For tops  of trees a horizontial saw is used. " you can split trunks up to 50 centimeters thick" explains Triet.  He favors the advantages of the new technology. Its fast and favorably". The costs are more but the results are astonishing.

September 2005
Skynews.ch expenditure No. 9 October Cockpit expenditure No. 10 October 2005

August 2005
Indicator announcement from 30. August 2005

August 2005

20 Years Helicopter-Service Triet AG

 20. August 2005 we celebratd our 20 year anniversary

January 2005

The 26, 28, and 29 of January 2005 we were WEF in the air. The WEF admits that during one week an air haven prevails for active helicoter enterprises. In use was our LAMA and jetranger.

April 2004

Newspaper / The Rheintaler from 30.4.04

September 2002

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