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Mountain Flight TrainingMOU(H):

The Mountain Flight Training with helicopters covers guidelines based on the federal office of civil aviation:
At least 150 approaches with landings on at least 20 different mountain landing locations, with at least 50 approaches with landings on 10 different mountain landing areas over 2,700 m.u.M as well as theory instruction.
- approx. 10 Flight hours with the Schweizer Hughes 300
- approx. 10 Flight hours with the JetRanger III

Applicants must prove 100 hours of helicopter flight time before making mountain landings.

The practical examination includes at least 2 landings in altitudes of 1,100-2,000 m.u.M and 3 landings over 2,000 m/M with one landing over 2,700 m.u.M.
With the extension of mountain landings the pilot is entitled to:
- To implement non-commercial landings in the mountains.
- To carry passengers, if 50 mountain landings were made in the last 12 months or a controlled flight with a designated flight instructor from the federal office of civil aviation was completed.
Training cost extension for mountain landings Please contact us.
Prices subject to change

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